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19 Dec 2019  (602 Views) 
National Environment Agency

Did not bank in a refund cheque
I received a refund cheque from SP Services on closing of an account some 18 months ago. I forgot to bank it in. I wonder where the money went? Maybe, it becomes part of the profit of SP Services?

Nobody in SP Services bothered to contact me about the failure to bank in the cheque. I suspect that many customers may have lost their money in this way. 

I wonder why companies still insist on making payment by cheque when they could have credited the payment by bank transfer. They have the bank account for which the payment was made. 

In the covering letter from SP Group, they stated their address, telephone number and fax number. But they did not provide an e-mail address. 

Why is SP Group so backward in insisting that letters be sent to them by post, or by fax? Do they realize that e-mail is now the common form of communication?

Tan Kin Lian

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