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19 Dec 2019  (781 Views) 

Letter to ST: Relax the ban on use of PMD on footpaths
I sent this letter to the Straits Times Forum Page, but they refuse to publish it. I wonder why.

Forum Page
Straits Times

During the last few weeks, I have observed a few PMD riders on footpaths, in spite of the ban. They were riding the PMDs slowly, at less than 10 kph, and do not pose any risk to pedestrians. 

One of them was a thin girl, who looked like a student. The other three were mature adults, of both genders. 

I empathize with them. They were struggling to make a living or to pay the school fees. 

I suggest that the food delivery platforms should take responsibility for the 
conduct of the PMD riders and adopt the following measures:

a) restrict the number of deliveries for each hour, so that the riders do not need to speed to make more deliveries.

b) buy insurance to cover no-fault accidents to cover the injuries caused by accidents involving their PMD riders on the pavements.

c) remove riders who break the safety regulations and exceed the speed of 10 kph.

I am sure that these measures will provide a safer environment for all users of our footpaths. 

Due to the limited land in Singapore, we should allow our footpaths to be shared by all users who are considerate to other users.

Tan Kin Lian

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