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17 Dec 2019  (826 Views) 
Ministry of Law

What are facts and what are falsehoods?

All politicians tell lies - regardless of the color of their party.

OK, they do not actually lie, but they misinform. They take some "facts" and "massage" it to give an impression that is favorable to them.

They have been doing it for decades.

It does not matter if the misinformation are given over TV, radio, newspapers, flyers, election rallies or social media.

It is unfair for them to stop the misinformation over social media, when they other channels are not blocked.

It is also unfair for one party, which is the government in power, to have the monopoly of decide what are "facts" and what are "falsehoods", especially when it comes into the realm of interpreting the "facts" to mold the perceptions of the people.

So, this is why POFMA is bad, especially when it is abused by the people in power to stifle a different perspective held by their opponents.

A case in point is the issue - is the government spending too much on educating foreigners at the expense of local students? This issue should be debated and not stifled by POFMA.


Tan Kin Lian

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