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17 Dec 2019  (644 Views) 
Land Transport Authority

Review the ban on PMDs using the footpaths
Over the past few weeks, I have seen several food delivery riders using their PMDs on the pavements.

They ride slowly, well within 10 kph, and do not cause any danger to pedestrians.

Among the riders are a young school girl (she looked like one) and three mature adults (of both genders). They have to make a living.

I like the government to allow registered food delivery riders to use the pavement provided that they ride at less than 10 kph and the food delivery platform takes up liability insurance for any injury caused by the use of the PMDs.

The platform should also modify their incentives to limit the number of deliveries per hour, so that there is no need for the riders to speed.

We have limited space in Singapore. We should share the space and use the space carefully and be considerate to other users.

Tan Kin Lian

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