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17 Dec 2019  (1540 Views) 
Ministry of Education

Are foreign scholars treated better than local scholars in Singapore universities?
Dear POFMA office, 

I invite you to check my statement and issue any correction order. Thank you.

Many Singaporeans have the perception that the government gives better funding for foreign scholars, compared to local students. Why is this the case?

The government said that education in Singapore is largely funded by the government. However, they require the parent to contribute to a small portion of the cost of education by paying a small fee. 

Some parents are unable to pay the fee, or did not bother to pay the fee. This has led to the practice for the school to hold back the education certificate until the fees are paid. It has caused stress and embarrassment to the students.

Are foreign scholars required to pay the fee, as their contribution to the cost of education?

I suspect that they are not required to pay this fee, and indeed that the government gives them additional funding to cover the living expenses in Singapore. 

So, the funding for each foreign student is very much higher than the funding for Singapore students. 

What about the funding for local scholars, who study in Singapore. Do they get the same benefit as foreign scholars who study in Singapore? Are they provided with an allowance to cover their living expenses?

If not, should the local scholars be treated the same as the foreign scholars?

Please provide the facts in the Factually website and issue me with the POFMA correction order. I will be delighted to post the "facts" as decided by the POFMA office.

Tan Kin Lian

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