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15 Dec 2019  (924 Views) 
Ministry of Transport

Elevated walkways
There should be a network of elevated walkways linking each MRT station and bus terminus to the nearby streets and buildings. The elevated walkways allow people to walk a few streets without having to cross the road. 

If there is a network, the passenger can walk quite a distance, across several streets, without having walk up and down to the elevated level.

Forest City in Johore is designed with this concept. People can walk from one part of the city to another using the elevated walkways at level 3.

I searched Youtube for "elevated walkways" and found a few interesting examples. 

Ortigas Business Center Manila

A Pedestrian Friendly Philippines

Makati City, Manila

Pasig City, Manila


Hong Kong  

The Philippines appear to be quite advanced in building elevated walkways in various cities. There are good examples in other cities in other countries.

In the case of Singapore, we have build underground connections, e.g. between Raffles City and Suntec City.

When will Singapore adopt the concept of elevated walkways, which should be less expensive than underground connections?

Tan Kin Lian



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