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15 Dec 2019  (770 Views) 
Movement for change

Give opinion out of ignorance or prejudice
Some people like to give opinion on a country out of ignorance or prejudice. They have not personally visited that country recently or at all. They form their opinion out of reading accounts from third parties or from the social or mainstream media, without realizing that the accounts may be inaccurate or false.

I refer to visits to nearby countries, such as Malaysia or Indonesia, or to further away places.

I have visited these places often and on each occasion, I am surprised to see their progress and development. What actually happens in the daily encounters is quite different from the negative perceptions.

I generally find the people to be friendly and helpful, in spite of reports that some of these places are dangerous to visit. I am sure that there could be some crime, but they are not rampant. 

If I am not familiar with a place, I avoid giving strong opinions based on ignorance or prejudice. I prefer to hear accounts from people who have personally experienced a place that they have recently visited. Even so, I am cautious that they may exaggerate the negative aspects.

Tan Kin Lian


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