11 Dec 2019  (441 Views)
Unable to make a transfer

I dislike the complicated system adopted by DBS Bank for internet transfer.

After going through a complicated process to sign in with user ID, password, and 2FA, I have to complete another complicated procedure for any transfer, regardless of amount. 

I have to receive a PIN sent by SMS from the bank and use my device to convert the PIN to a "secure PIN" and enter it into the webpage.

When I make a transfer by PayNow, I did not get the SMS. I tried a few times and did not get the SMS. There was some problem with DBS system.

I decided to topup PayLah instead. This time I got the PIN. I converted it into the secure PIN (it was quite a hassle). But the secure PIN was rejected. I might have made a mistake, so I tried again. I got the same issue. I tried four times before I gave up.

I sent a feedback to DBS Bank. They have not responded for one day.

I do not understand why DBS has to adopt a complicated process, only to have their system failed. It is very discouraging. 

There is no need for DBS bank to go through layers of security which they cannot manage. They should simplify their process for small transfers.

Tan Kin Lian


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