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23 Nov 2019  (734 Views) 

Stop the robbery rate on data plans
I sent this message to the head of Starhub data plan.

I suggest that you should not provide connection to any telco that does not give a fair deal to Starhub customers. You should not allow your customers to be ripped off by "robbery rates" for the use of data.

My Indonesian friend told me that the Indonesia telco (Telkomsel) allows him to buy a data plan outside of Indonesia. When the data is fully consumed, the service stopped. He is not charged a robbery rate for the excess data. To continue to use data, be can buy another plan.

I consider Starhub's practice of applying a "robbery rate" for the excess data to be deplorable. I have raised this complaint for several years, and Starhub ignored my protests. 

Tan Kin Lian

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