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23 Nov 2019  (873 Views) 
Political systems

Flaws of a communist system
Over the past decades, the communist system had produced several flaws. But they have learnt and adapted. So, the communist system today can produce a better outcome for the people compared to a democratic system. 

Here were the flaws in the past:

a) There was no freedom of speech.
b) The people did not have much choice in their occupation
c) The communist government was corrupt due to lack of accountability.

These flaws had been addressed in the modern communist regimes in China and perhaps Vietnam as well.

The internet era allowed the people to communicate their views through social media. Although the western media continued to be restricted, this restriction was necessary as the western media was biased and seek to undermine the communist regime.

The people now have the choice of their occupation due to the free market system that is adopted by many communist regime. (There is still restriction in some communist regime, such as North Korea).

Corruption has largely been largely eradicated in the more progressive communist regimes.

After addressing the flaws, the communist system could have these  advantages over the democratic system:

a) The communist system seeks to advance the welfare of the ordinary people, i.e. through socialist policies, rather than the allow the rich to accumulate more wealth.

b) The communist system is able to produce a more stable government comprising of capable leaders. In a democratic system, there is too much politics in an open political contest, leading to other corrupt practices.

We need to have an open mind about different political systems and seek a system that is able to provide a better government.

Tan Kin Lian


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