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22 Nov 2019  (929 Views) 
Political systems

Which system produce a better government
Many people think that democracy is the right system and that other systems, such as monarchy or communism, are wrong.

This is a flawed approach. Instead of blindly advocating democracy, we should examine if democracy produces a government that work in the best interest of the country and the people.

In theory, a democracy should produce a good government as the government is selected by the majority vote of the people and the people have the power to change a government that is corrupt, ineffective and failed to deliver a good outcome for the people. 

In practice, the outcome is quite different.

We only need to look at the examples of many countries that are supposed to be "democratic". Many of them do not produce a good government that is able to improve the lives of the people.

There are many reasons why the governments of many democracies has been a disappointment for the people. 

America, which strongly promotes democracy around the world, set a bad example. The flaw of the democratic system in America, is explained in this video.

The government that is elected in America does not work in the interest of the people at large. Instead, they work in the interest of their donors, who contributed funds to get the law makers elected. The voters are presented with a choice of candidates that are pre-selected by the donors. Whoever is elected will likely work in the interest of their donors.

This flaw probably occurs in the democracy of many countries. It is a flaw of the system of democracy.

If we look for an example of a good government over the past three decades that was able to achieved good progress for the people, and has the strong support of the people, we arrive an a surprising result - the People's Republic of China.

This is supposed to be a country that is run by the communist party. The leaders are elected from within the communist party and not by the people at large. Yet, China was able to produce a good government that has led to the spectacular progress of China over three decades.

If China was a democracy, it would not be possible to achieve the same kind of progress. We only need to compare China with other large countries that are run on a democratic system.

There are some benefits of the system of producing a government through the communist party. 

I am not saying that a communist system is good in all respects. It also has its weaknesses and the potential for corrupt practices through lack of accountability.

However, I have to point out that corruption and lack of accountability can also exists in democratic systems.

We only need to open our eyes and our minds to see what is happening in many countries around the world. We may be able to arrive at a different conclusion from our biased mindset.

Tan Kin Lian


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