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30 Oct 2019
Ministry of National Dev
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Provide fire extinguishers at public places

I suggest that the ministry require all buildings to have fire extinguishes at public places, e.g. on every level of an apartment or office block and for long corridors, to have a fire extinguisher for every five units.

This will ensure that the fire extinguishes are easily accessible for every household. As this is a public property, the building manager can ensure that the fire extinguishers are checked and replaced regularly.

This is a better arrangement that asking each household to have a fire extinguisher, which is not likely to be properly maintained. 

Although there is no requirement for each household to have a fire extinguisher, some sales person from the suppliers have conned home owners to buy one. See this article.

Our government agencies should think more holistically about what is good for the community, rather than try to reduce cost and pass the burden to someone else.

Tan Kin Lian

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