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30 Oct 2019
Out of the box
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Security in a condo

What is the purpose of employing security guards in a condo?

The goal is to ensure that only residents and authorized visitors are allowed to enter the condo.

Who are the authorized visitors and how are they to be identified? If a visitor said that his name is X and he is visiting Y at unit Z, the security guard can check with Y (by telephone) for confirmation. Or Y could have registered X in the online platform, for the security guard to check. 

What should the guard do, if the resident did not register the visitor. A good way is to tell the visitor to call the resident who will in turn call the guard to allow the visitor to have access. The guard can also call the resident, but it may be better to ask the visitor to make the call. The guard has other duties to attend to.

This is not how many condos arrange their access. They ask the visitor to enter their particulars into a form, including mobile number, but the guard does not verify the particulars. It is a useless exercise.

In the case of an apartment block, the visitor has to use the intercom to communicate with the resident, who press a button to open the access door. This is a good arrangement.

What about contractors? They should be required to get the resident to approve their access, similar to any visitor. This means that door to door sales people will not be welcomed.

Tan Kin Lian

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