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29 Oct 2019
Movement for change
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Anger at Ramesh's bullying of the security guard

Many netizens were angry at the behavior of Ramesh, the "foreign talent" who had bullied a security guard over the parking incident at the condo. This incident was captured and shared in a video through social media.

I wish to give my views.

The same behavior could have been shown by a Singaporean citizen. They are many abusive people within our midst. Singaporeans are not the model of good behavior.

I could also been have been caught in a similar incident. On a few occasions, I have have shown anger at the unnecessary and troublesome requirements on visiting a friend at a condo.

I do not mind that the security guard check with the resident that I am an authorized visitor. I do not mind showing my NRIC to prove my identity. But I do not like my NRIC to be detained (now this is forbidden) or to write down my personal particulars and provide my mobile phone number.

Although I was angry on these occasions, I must admit that I did not use a loud voice or abusive language (which Ramesh probably did) or belittle the security guard. 

The outrage and aggressive threats against Ramesh by the netizens is disproportionate. But it reflects the deep fissures in our society.

People are really fed up with the government policy favoring "foreign talents" who come into the country and take away jobs from locals. 

A major contributor to this sad state of affairs is the national service policy. Our local male citizens have to serve 2 years of full time national service and 10 years of reservist duty. Employers prefer foreigners who are not disrupted from work to carry out their reservist obligations.

Another major contributor is the policy of granting employment pass freely to nationals of a certain country under a specific trade agreement. There is no control over the educational quality of the people who are allowed to work in Singapore under this agreement. Some are found to have fake or questionable qualifications.

It is well known that the job applicants pay a large fee to the employment agent who arranges to get the job in Singapore. There is some suspicion that part of the fee goes to benefit the employer or the human resource manager on some ways. At the higher level, it is the fees payable to the head hunter. This account for the preference for foreigners.

Apparently, the "foreign talents" are better at managing the recruitment process than our local professionals.

I am sure that Ramesh must have regretted his unwise behavior over this incident. He is the unfortunate face of the anger that many citizens felt towards the bad policies of the PAP government.

Tan Kin Lian

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