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28 Oct 2019
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Grab changes its subscription plans

I do not like subscription plans. As a customer, I find it too complicated to manage. I believe that Grab, on the other side of the transaction, will also find it difficult to manage. Read here

If I call Grab or Gojek, I look for a reasonable fare before I accept the ride. If it charges a high fare due to dynamic pricing, I usually decline it and look for other options. I am usually not interested in the promotion that comes with a subscription plan, as it usually has "terms and conditions" that are complicated for me. So, I do not wish to waste my time reading the T&C.

My aversion to T&C and promotions apply to other businesses, such as credit cards and restaurant discounts. I wish the business providers focus on charging a fair price and give quality, rather than resort to these costly marketing gimmicks.

I do believe in customer loyalty. Indeed, as a business, I will look for my loyal customers who transact with me often, and give them a loyalty discount, e.g. just 5% or 10% off the price of the ride. It is simple, straightforward and affordable to the business. It will be appreciated by the customers. 

I hope that Grab and other businesses focus on giving value to customers and not waste time with complicated and costly promotions and subscription plans.

Tan Kin Lian

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