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27 Oct 2019
Land Transport Authority
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How the Opal card used in Australia is different from our Ez Link card

I bought an Opal card in Sydney two years ago and used it for local transport. I kept the card as I read that it will never transpire. I did not have to pay any fee to get the card. However, there is a minimum top up of $5 (children) or $10 (adult).

When I bought the card, I had to pay by credit card. The sales office does not accept cash. 

Another customer in front of me did not have any credit card. I had to use my credit card and receive the cash from him. 

On my recent trip, I used the card and was surprised to learn that the money in the Opal card was still intact. The card worked perfectly, in spite of the two year gap.

The Ez Link card in Singapore has cost $5 and also require a top up of $5 or $7, depending on where it is purchased. The card can be used for 5 years and expire. The balance can be transferred to the new card, but the process appears to be quite troublesome and costly to administer.

I find the approach used by Sydney for the Opal card to be more customer friendly.

Tan Kin Lian

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