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27 Oct 2019
Out of the box
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What is wrong with the statement of moving closer to "ordinary Singaporeans"

There was an uproar over the statement, which was suspected to be given by a teacher of Raffles Girls School, that the school was being relocated to Bishan to be closer to "ordinary Singaporeans".

The anger was so strong that the school had to disassociate itself from the statement. It said that the person who made the statement was not an official spokes person for the school. This person remain unnamed.

I do not understand why some many people were upset about this statement. What is wrong with being closer to "ordinary Singaporeans"?

I asked this question, but was not able to get any reply that explains the unhappiness. 

I suspect that the people felt offended because they perceive that there are two classes in Singapore - the elites and the ordinary Singaporeans. This statement probably make this distinction obvious. 

Maybe, many people who do not belong to the "elite class" do not wish to be reminded that they are "ordinary Singaporeans".

However, I worry that this anger hide a bigger problem. Perhaps, most of the angry people probably aspire to be in the "elite class". They work hard to be in that class. So, after working so hard, they probably like to see Raffles Girls School remain for the elites. 

if this is the case, it is really frightening and worrisome for the future of Singapore. 

Instead of treating people equally, maybe many people want the privileges to be reserved for the "elite class", so that they can work hard and aspire to be in the privileged class.

I prefer the society to be more equal and that everyone belong to the same class. I do not want to see an elite class that is separate from ordinary Singaporeans.

I do not like to see this class mentality. 

Tan Kin Lian 

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