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27 Oct 2019
Movement for change
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Get locals to fill public sector jobs

I made this observation during my recent visit to Sydney.

There was road works at George Street in Sydney. Several workers in yellow vests were controlling the traffic. They were locals, and not low wage foreign workers.

The locals traffic controllers were expensive, but this is how good paying jobs are created for locals. They are funded through higher taxes, but it is a better way to ensure that there are jobs for locals that pay adequate wages.

There is less need for locals to be taxi drivers and private car drivers.

I believe that the road cleaners are also locals that earn adequate wages.

There is an additional benefit to employ locals to do these kinds of jobs. I asked for directions to Queen Victoria Building and received clear and helpful directions. In Singapore, the workers would have problem even in communicating as they do not know the local languages and are unfamiliar with the local environment.

It is important for the government to set a policy that all public sector jobs should be filled by locals. They should ensure that the wages are raised to a level that is sufficient to attract locals to do the jobs.

Tan Kin Lian
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