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17 Oct 2019
Out of the box
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My secret for a successful weight loss program

I lost 10 kg in 4 months. From a BMI of 29.3 (rated as obese), I reduced to 2.45 (rated as normal).

My friend said that I achieved it through "determination". In reality, I have not changed my character. The primary driving force is explained by two words starting with M & E.

These two words are "measurement" and "equipment". The measurement happened after I bought a smart weighing scale which measures not only the weight but many other indicators. They are summarized into a "body score" and a "body age". 

The equipment are an exercise bike at home and a nearby gym that I could visit twice a week. 

Without the M and E, I would not have achieved the target of losing 10 kg in my weight. Of course, determination also played an important part.

With the smart scale, I was able to monitor my progress every day. I also get instant feedback on my exercise regime and on my diet regime. 

Diet also played a part. I followed the intermittent fasting and the 3 day diet during the period of four months. I obtained the materials for these diets from the internet and from sharing of experience of my friends. 

I did not set the goal of four months. I only set the goal of the weight loss. The period of four months happened to be the time that I took to achieve the goal.

I have written a book, comprising of 38 pages, to explain this journey. Here are some reviews of my books. 

Larry Lai 
A layman narration of how a normal man like you and me with dreams of slimming and how he finally did it. No fanciful gyms or diets that are beyond us. It’s not only a slimming guide, but a peek into the routines and family of the man who successfully changed the local insurance scene. A compelling story book that riveted the reader till the end. Will try out the routines and looking forward to his next adventure book
Ho Mun Wai
 It was very easy to read. The information were very pertinent, straight to be the point, and not so technical. In this way, I absorb a lot more than when I read the usual kind of self help books, whereby authors tend to try to fortify their credibility with lots of technical details, and unnecessary elaborations. 

The book can be purchased here for only $6.

Tan Kin Lian


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