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17 Oct 2019
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A big hassle to report a non-delivery

I wish to describe a troublesome process adopted by Lazada and the unreliable service and poor process of Sing Post. 

I mentioned Lee HL because he is the source of the dysfunction system adopted in Singapore, aggravated by PDPA.

I ordered a rainbow teddy bear toy for my grand daughter. I received an email on 2 Oct that the parcel has been sent by Sing Post. There was no tracking number. 

It was not delivered for more than a week. I sent a message to the seller, but they asked me to wait for delivery.

On 16 Oct, I received a message from Lazada that the parcel has been delivered. It was not delivered. 

The only option given to me was to submit a "return" declaring that the item was "not as advertised". There was no option for "not received".

I printed the return label and went to the POP station to effect the return. The POP station could not recognized the return number. I got a message to call a Sing Post number. 

It was a hassle for me to get through to a staff due to PDPA requirements. The staff asked me several questions to comply with PDPA. It was a hassle. 

It was quite difficult for me to explain the problem to the staff over the telephone, as I was on the road and there were ambient noises. Why can't they allow me to send an e-mail?

Finally, the Sing Post staff asked me to call Lazada. There was nothing he could do, as they do not have any record for that return number.

I explained the Lazada number. I went through quickly. There was no need to waste time on PDPA requirements. I explained the problem to the Lazada staff. She asked me to hold on while she checked with her colleague. They finally agreed to refund my money without the return of the "non delivered" item.

This incident shows the following flaws in the process:

a) Lazada does not have a process to handle non delivered items
b) Sing Post is unreliable. The postman must have kept the teddy bear.
c) Lazada prints out a return label that is not recognized by the POP station managed by Sing Post.
d) The Sing Post call center had a troublesome protocol. It was painful to talk to the staff who asked irrelevant questions due to PDPA requirements. How stupid can the SOP be!
e) The Lazada call center protocol was very good. I talked to the staff immediately. No troublesome PDPA rubbish!
f) I told Lazada not to use a 14 digit order number and a 14 digit return number. A long number is difficult to communicate 6 or 8 digits is sufficient.
g) Nobody bothers about the trouble that I went through to lodge a return at the POP station.

Lazada, Sing Post, Lee HL - I hope you are all listening.

Tan Kin Lian

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