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16 Oct 2019
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Wrong meter reading led to high surcharge

My normal consumption was about 40 to 45 cu meters every month. In September, PUB billed me for 90 cu meters of consumption. The bill was very high as I probably had to pay a surcharge for the excessive consumption.

I checked the meter reading for September shown in the bill against the water meter. It appeared to be correct.

I engaged a plumber to check if there was a leakage in the pipe system. There was none.

The consumption in October was about 1 cu meter a day. If there was a leaking pipe, it would show a consumption of 3 cu meter a day. It did not.

I asked PUB to send to me the meter reading for the past year. I received it.

On checking the readings, I found the error in the billing. The reading for July was underreported. It caused a very low reading for the two months prior to that reading. This resulted in a higher reading for the following two months. I suspected that the underreporting in the July reading was 30 cu meter.

See the table above.

I have asked PUB to adjust the billing and remove the surcharge.

I know that the government wants to impose a surcharge for excessive consumption. But this surcharge kicks in when there was an error in the meter reading.

I hope that PUB will see the obvious error and adjust my bills to remove the surcharge.

Tan Kin Lian

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