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13 Oct 2019  (1043 Views) 
Movement for change

The ground is sour for PAP
After the judgment for the AHTC case was announced, a few people have expressed their anger in their conversation to me. 

They asked for my view, but I told them that I did not follow the judgment closely.

They expressed the following statements:

a) The judgment was expected - implying that it is favorable to the political masters.

b) They judgment was unfair, as the WP MPs were under pressure to find a managing agent.

c) Similar cases probably occur with town councils run by PAP, but they were hidden. However they did not give examples to back up their views.

d) Why were the MPs running the PAP town councils not made responsible for the bad investments made in Lehman bonds?

One of them was a former civil servant who had worked as a finance officer and was familiar with "bad" financial decisions made in some ministries. 

However, I did hear from one non PAP politician that the judgment was generally fair. 

On the whole, I believe that this judgment will make turn the ground against PAP

Tan Kin Lian 

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