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12 Oct 2019  (804 Views) 
Movement for change

Top leaders must pay attention to problems and direct the people in charge to solve them
Someone sent me a message about my post on the way that the Public Utilities Board handled the water leakage in my home. He asked - do you seriously think that your prime minister should attend to this problem? Does he not have other more important things to do?

Here is my reply.

When Lee Kuan Yew was in charge, he paid attention to this kind of issues. He would give a telephone call to the person in charge of the PUB and asked - what do you think of the suggestion put forward by TKL? 

I am quite sure that the person who received the call will reply - I will look into it. Quite likely, some of the suggestions would be implemented.

This was how Singapore became an efficient and well run country and much progress was made during LKY's time. (I am not referring to his other actions that were contemptible).

It does not take too much of LKY's time. All he needs is to make a phone call. 

Indeed, LKY does not need to personally read every feedback from the public. He has his assistants who can scout the mainstream and social media and bring the important issues to his attention. He only has to decide which telephone calls to make.

The work for LHL today is much easier. We have social media and email. He does not need to make a phone call. He can send an email.

The difference in the quality of a country could boil down to - Does the leader care? Does he pay attention? Does he provide leadership?

In this respect, I rate LHL poorly.

Tan Kin Lian

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