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02 Oct 2019
Out of the box
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Will there be a decision on the RTS rail link within the one month extension?

I was delighted to read an online summary a few days ago - both countries agreed to an extension of the RTS rail link, without penalty.

Wow! This is a change in attitude. Maybe it will lead to a climate of cooperation and friendship between the Singapore and Malaysia.

Although the news report euphemistically said that it was an agreement on both sides, it was clear to me (I am not stupid, you know), that the delay was requested by the Malaysia and the Singapore side agreed to the extension, "without penalty".

I wanted to write a message of congratulations to minister Khaw. After all the criticism that I had levied on him, you know "stupid XXX", it would only be appropriate that I give recognition when it was due.

I decided to check the facts. Oh! the delay was for only one month. I wondered - Will they be able to resolve the issue in 1 month? Are they on the verge of a breakthrough? Will the Malaysian side be able to decide within this extended period?

I asked a friend, who is active in the political scene and hope to win a seat in the next general election under a non PAP party, for his views.

His reply was rather rude - Are you as stupid as the minister that you have been criticizing regularly? It is all about money.

Oh! Does it mean that we have to apply some grease to some ministers? I thought that that practice had gone after the new Harapan government took power in Malaysia.

 No! The Malaysian government finds the Rapid Transit rail link to be too costly. They preferred a cheaper option. Surely, you can see that they have been working very hard to build a pedestrian walkway at the causeway? They don't want the RTS link for the near future.

Yeah! It seemed that I am as stupid as the "Stupid XXX" who could not see the obvious signs. In that case, it looks like we will have another round of protracted negotiations over the size of the penalty in one month's time.

I prefer the pedestrian walkway as it will cost less than 10% of the RTS rail link and will be ready sooner. It might solve the problem, although not as well as the RTS. 

However, knowing Lee HL, he will probably be uninterested in any project costing less than a few billion SGD. He likes to spend big money, and to raise GST to support it.

Tan Kin Lian 

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