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01 Oct 2019
Movement for change
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Beware of deliberate falsehood

Someone shared a graphic stating that Singapore had external debt of $2.5 trillion and the CPF savings is insufficient to repay this debt. It quoted the source as a journalist from the Straits Times. 

On checking the source, I found that the external debt is indeed $1.5 trillion USD (or $2.5 trillion SGD) but it is the total of the public and private sector debt. A large part of the debt comprise of deposits placed by foreigners in Singapore banks, probably in USD. It is not a debt of the public sector.

The creator of the graphic has deliberately distorted the news report and gave it a misleading interpretation. It is a malicious act. 

We should not condone this type of deliberate falsehood and mischief.

Tan Kin Lian

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