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30 Sep 2019
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Make the ACRA website more user friendly

Earlier, I reported that I was not able to login to the ACRA website. I was asked to return after half an hour.

I did. I managed to login to the ACRA website. The bug that caused the failure to login earlier had been resolved.

This was quite frustrating as I have many other matters to attend to. I cannot afford to waste time on a buggy website.

I met with the following issues.

The SingPass Mobile app did not work. I have to use the OTP SMS to login. It went through.

I received a confusing page. I was asked to confirm that I am logging in as an individual. I do not understand what this is for. I am also not clear if I am logging in as an individual or  representing my company.

That confirmation page did not have any button to respond. It hang.

After trying several times, it mysteriously went through. I was reminded that I was submitted the entry as an individually - but I do not understand what it meant.

I had a difficult time to search for the page to submit a change of share capital. It is hidden under a set of links. I went to the wrong link and had to return on a few occasions.

I finally managed to find the link.

The submission of the form was quite confusing. I submitted the change, and thought that it was completed. I came to another page that required more entries to be done. I almost missed it.

The buggy nature of the website added to my problem. Sometimes, it takes a long time to respond to my submission. I was not sure if it was accepted or not.

I wished ACRA build a more user friendly website.

ACRA - are you listening?

Tan Kin Lian

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