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30 Sep 2019
Movement for change
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Give views in a constructive way

I wish to talk about how to give views in a constructive way. 

I welcome views in my Facebook page, including views that are different from my views. 

Here is how to give the views in a constructive way - state your views and the reasons for your views. 

If presented in a constructive way, the views help to present a better understanding and perspective of the issue.

I find the following views to be not constructive:

a) Personal attacks
b) Passing judgment 
c) Views that are factually wrong but presented as if they are correct
d) Views given without much thought.
e) Cynical view that may be misleading.
f) Views that are intended to engage in an argument.

I generally ask for the unhelpful views to be deleted. 

If I suspect that the unhelpful views are given with a malicious intent, I will delete the views and may also ban the writer from contributing future views.

Tan Kin Lian

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