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27 Sep 2019
Land Transport Authority
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Should e-scooters be banned?

There is a petition asking for e-scooters to be banned from our pavements and roads. 

Is this too harsh? I wish to share my views.

This move is triggered by many accidents involving e-scooters. They lead to serious injuries and deaths of pedestrians and cyclists.

There are current regulations involving the use of e-scooters on pavements. However, it is difficult to enforce these regulations. 

There has also been several serious fires caused by the charging of e-scooters in the home.

Should e-scooters be banned?

We have to recognize that many people are using e-scooters to deliver food and goods. They have to make a living.

Although they have been many accidents, this is likely to reduce when the users are made to be responsible. We should also bear in mind that they are many accidents involving the normal vehicles as well.

Here are some measures that can be taken to control the use of e-scooters and avoid the accidents and fires.

a) E-scooters have to be registered.
b) The riders have to get a license
c) The speed of e-scooters should be restricted to the speed of cycling, say 10 kph.
d) They can be allowed to use the pavement, but have to observe the safety rules. However, for narrow pavements, they should be barred.

There is no need to allow e-scooters to travel at a faster speed. They are meant to be use for short distances. They should be allowed to use the pavements, just like cyclists. It is dangerous to ask them to ride on the roads where there are fast moving vehicles.

We need to strick a balance between the needs of different road users. 

Tan Kin Lian

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