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13 Sep 2019
Out of the box
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Referendum for independence of Hong Kong

I suggest that China should hold a referendum for the people of Hong Kong - do you want to be independent of China?

There are two possible outcomes:

a) The majority vote for independence. 
b) The majority vote to remain part of China.

I think that the majority will vote to remain part of China. It is difficult for Hong Kong to be independent of China. They need water and power to be provided by China. 

Maybe, they can build the water and power plants in Hong Kong, but it wil be costly. 

Hong Kong also need to provide services to China. If the links are cut off, it will be difficult for Hong Kong to be economically viable. 

What can Hong Kong do as an independent country? Can they be a manufacturing center? They can't, as the operating cost is too high.

Can they be a financial center? Who will use their services, if there is no link to China?

Hong Kong will also face the heavy cost of building a military force.

Will America come to their aid and make Hong Kong viable. Hardly! The young protesters will learn that America is not reliable.

What about the impact to China, when Hong Kong is cut off?

China can easily replace Hong Kong by developing Shenzhen and Shanghai. China does not need Hong Kong.

I am quite confident that the majority of the people of Hong Kong will vote to remain in China. 

Maybe the option to remain part of China should be the removal of the "one country two systems". Hong Kong should vote for complete independence or complete integration.

I wonder if China will take this step - and offer a referendum. 

Tan Kin Lian

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