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11 Sep 2019
Sing Post
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Make it easy to use vPost

I visited vPost a few times in the past, but I never get to use it. I found it rather difficult to understand this service. 

I tried again today and wish to share this feedback.

I now know how vPost works. I am given a personal address in the country of purchase (e.g. China, USA, Japan) and asked to quote this address for the supplier to deliver this address. 

When it is delivered, I get an notification from vPost. I can then arrange for vPost to send the shipment to me in Singapore. vPost said that my total cost is cheaper than for the supplier to send directly to my address in Singapore. 

I tried to look for an example of the saving. There was no such example. So, I don't know if it is worth the trouble to use this service. 

I updated my profile. I wanted to "add a credit card" but there was no link to do it. So, I went to their "chat" to find out. 

I was told that the credit card will be added when I make the first shipment. Why can't vPost allow me to add my credit card now, and to quote it when I use the service? This is how many other e-commerce website handled it. 

When I started the chat, I found that I was the only person in the queue. It seemed that their chat line is rather unused. Maybe, few customers are interested to use vPost?

I found it quite troublesome to provide my personal overseas address. It contains many lines. Surely, it would be easier if I can ask the suppler to ship to "vPost in China"? After all, vPost has to arrange with their partners to handle this service. 

I hope that vPost can simplify the process and get more business. 

vPost - are you listening?

Tan Kin Lian

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