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11 Sep 2019
Out of the box
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High quality of products from China

I am impressed with the high quality of many products from China and the low cost. 

I bought many of these products from online website. I found the quality and reliability to be quite good, and the price to be rather low.

Some people said that the China products sell cheaply because of low quality. This is not the case, from my experience. 

I am not saying that all of the China products have good quality. I have come across some products with low quality. But they tend to be not common. 

Some people said that the products are cheap because the China government subsidizes the manufacturer or that the manufacturers "steal" the technology. 

I find these criticisms to be irrelevant. If the China government wants to subsidize its manufacturers and deliver low cost products, I welcome it. It is good for consumers around the world. 

I also find the point about "stealing" technology to be irrelevant. If the original owner of the IP find their technology to be stolen, they have a way to redress it in the international court. It is their business to enforce their legal rights. The consumers should not worry about it. 

Quite likely, the original IP owner has given the right to the China manufacturer to use the technology. It is called a transfer of technology for the right to access the large China market. 

It does mean that the product from China is as good as the "original" branded product and is being sold at a price that is a fraction of the branded product. 

Recently, I searched for an Apple airpod. The product from Apple sells for $200. A similar product, claimed to be designed by Apple, sell at one-seventh of the price. The specification looks quite similar. I believe the product quality is similar. 

Some consumers are willing to pay the high price for the Apple brand. It is their choice. But I prefer to buy the alternative product for one-seventh of the price. 

I am willing to buy the China product and enjoy the low price. I encourage more consumers to overcome their prejudice and choose the low price, high quality products. 

Tan Kin Lian 

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