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10 Sep 2019
Movement for change
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Remove the root causes of the dysfunctional system

Singapore has a dysfunctional system of government. The govt wants to achieve the goals that are good for the people, but someone their strategies do not work. They cannot work because some of the key aspects of our approach work against each other. 

What are they?

a) We have high cost of living 
b) We have a low birth rate, because families find it quite costly to have children.
c) Jobs are going to foreigners. 

What can be done to remove the root causes of the dysfunctional system?

a) We have to abolish GST to bring down the cost of living by up to 10%. 
b) We have to change our National Service and reduce to one year full time and three year of reservist training.
c) We have to stop outsourcing of public sector jobs and increase the pay to attract locals to take up these jobs.
d) We have to change our approach towards immigration and reduce the inflow from depressing the wages of local jobs.

When these policies are changed, we can have a more functional system that can achieve the goal of giving a better future and a better life for the people. 

Tan Kin Lian

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