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26 Aug 2019
Movement for change
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Why the future for the young is bleak under PAP

The future for our young will be bleak under the PAP. 


Here are my reasons:

a) The cost of living is too high. It has increased significantly over the past few decades. They are fueled by high property prices, increase in GST, inefficiency and high operating cost.

b) Young people will find it difficult to get jobs due to competition from foreign workers. Employers prefer to engage foreign workers who are willing to accept lower wages and do not face the disruption caused by NS reservist duty.

c) HDB flats are costly. This is mitigated to some extent by government grants, but the net cost is still beyond the budget of many working families, even when both spouses work.

d) Even those who are able to get jobs that pay well face the risk of losing these jobs for a variety of reasons. When they lose a good paying job, it will be difficult for them to get another job that pays well.

e) Many young people find it difficult to buy a HDB flat, even with grant from the govt and support from their parents. They delay getting married or remain single. They find it costly to raise children. Some prefer to have no children or just one child.

It is a bleak future for young people in Singapore. We may not be as bad as Hong Kong, but our problems face by young people are still quite daunting.  If their parents are affluent, they may not feel the impact yet. Those without affluent parents will find it hard to meet the high cost of housing and the high cost of living. 

Many young people have jobs that pay reasonably well. But they will soon realize that this financial security is uncertain. They only need to look at the people who lose their jobs when they become older. They should ponder - what if this happens to me?

The solution is to have a new government, whether PAP or another party, that pursue different economic strategy. The new strategy should focus on reducing the cost of living, and giving better job security for our locals. It also has to address many other challenges that were not solved by the PAP government. Indeed, these challenges were aggravated over the years.

Our young people should ask - do we want to see more of the same economic strategy, or should we make changes to the strategy? Do we want to vote for change?

Tan Kin Lian 

Vote - should our young people vote to change the economic direction?


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