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26 Aug 2019
Out of the box
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Penalty for drug abuse

A former drug addict suggested that first time drug abuser should be subject to caning. This will scare young people from attempting to take drug.

Is this a good approach? Is this too severe?

Someone argued that a drug abuser does not cause harm to other party except himself.

While this may appear to be the case, there has also been reports that many property and robbery crimes are committed by drug addicts who need to get money to pay for their drugs. It is necessary to prevent the problem from reaching this serious state.

Some young people may take drugs without knowing that they are embarking on this path. It would be too severe to impose the penalty of caning on them.

Where the judge is convinced that it the offense was outside the knowledge of the drug abuser, the penalty of caning does not need to be imposed. 

What about drug used for medical treatment, e.g. drug prescribed by a doctor? Clearly this is not an offense to be prosecuted.

The offense should clearly be confined to the drugs that are prohibited by law. These are the same drugs that would result in the death penalty imposed on traffickers.

Would this caning penalty be effective? Would the young people know about it and avoid going down the path of drug use?

I believe that it will be effective. Through public communication and word of mouth, the message will get through to the young people. 

Tan Kin Lian

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