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23 Aug 2019  (1009 Views) 
Ministry of Environment

Electric cars are about lifestyle
I am confused with the statement by the environment minister that electric cars are about "lifestyle" and does not help to combat climate change. Read the article here

Let me deal with the points raised by the minister.

a) The minister mentioned that it is difficult to provide charging facility for electric cars. I suggest that this should be left to the car owner. Those who live in landed properties and in private condos with reserved parking lot should be able to install their own charging facility.

b) Due to the small size of Singapore, owners should be able to charge their car at home and the charge should be adequate to last a whole day.

c) While the govt wish to focus on public transport as the primary strategy to deal with climate change, there will still be a million cars running on the road. Surely, the electric cars are more climate friendly than the gasoline cars? If this is not so, why are many governments  giving financial incentives for owners to convert to electric cars?

d) If electric cars are not the solution to climate change, why are we inviting Dyson to build electric cars in Singapore as stated in this article. Furthermore, are we giving incentives and grants for Dyson to set up their facility in Singapore?

I hope that the environment minister can clarify the above points. Minister Masagos, are you listening?

Note - For the sake of transparency, I declare that I have a very small investment in Tesla. It is too small to give me any conflict of interest. But this investment make me understand electric car more than an ordinary lay person.

Tan Kin Lian 

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