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20 Aug 2019  (502 Views) 
Ministry of Health

Pneumococcal vaccination
I received an advisory from the ministry of health last year to have a pneumococcal vaccination. I carried out the follow up vaccination today.

The total cost for 2 jabs was about $200. It was expensive. There was no government subsidy.

I am not complaining for myself. I can afford it. But what are low income people?

The nurse said - you can pay through medisave. I replied that medisave is my own money, not the government.

Why does the government not provide any subsidy for a preventive procedure. I suspect that the polyclinic makes a profit from this treatment, as they are likely to get the vaccine at a lower price through bulk purchase. 

The nurse told me that children had to have this vaccination for three cycles and they pay the same charges. That is clearly very expensive. It should be subsidized or fully paid by the govt.

We need a new approach towards preventive care. The full cost should be borne by the state. It will reduce the total health care cost in the long run.

Minister Gan, I hope you are listening.

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - do you agree that vaccination should be provided free to residents?

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