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19 Aug 2019  (629 Views) 
Out of the box

Spend $100 billion to deal with climate change?
I agree that we need to deal with climate change. I am not sure if we need to spend $100 billion to achieve this goal.

What I know is that we have another goal that is more urgent and more immediate. We need to bring down our cost of living. We can bring it down by more than 7%, if we abolish our GST immediately.

We are facing economic challenges due to the global recession and the trade wars. By giving additional spending power to the people, we can stimulate the local economy, so that the people who lose their jobs can find alternative work to make a living.

This is the most pressing need. It takes $10 billion a year. But, we do not need to increase the reserves by $10 billion a year from the land sale. It can be diverted to reduce the cost of living.

We will need to build dykes to stop the flooding of our low lying areas. It does not cost much in the short term. It will take a long time for the sea level to rise a few centimeters. We can do it gradually. 

Maybe, the whole project will not take $100 billion. Maybe it will take $5 or $10 million over the next 20 years. We can afford it.

Let us focus on the more urgent and more immediate problem, while still pay attention to the longer term challenge.

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - do you agree that the cost of living needs to be reduced urgently?

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