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19 Aug 2019  (550 Views) 
Movement for change

How does a streamlined bus system look like?
I advocated that our current network of over 300 bus services be streamlined to a few number of local services and express services (that run on expressways to other towns).

This is how the streamlined bus system will look like.

a) The commuter goes to a nearby bus stop and take a local service to the bus interchange, town center or MRT station. 

b) Each stop will be served by 3 to 5 local services that take them to other parts of the town.

c) The local services will run at 3 minute interval.

d) They transfer to the MRT (2 to 3 min interval) or an express bus (5 to 10 min interval). The express bus runs on expressway and go direct to the destination (another town), without any stop. 

e) At the destination, the commuter can take another local service, if necessary.

The benefits of this streamlined structure are:

a) Fewer services
b) Shorter waiting time
c) Lower operating cost (i.e. higher utilization of bus)
d) Shorter travel time (no stops along the way for express bus)
e) Simpler to understand

The only drawback is that it may require an additional transfer. 

I hope to get more commuters to support this change.

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - do you wish to see this change?

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