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16 Aug 2019
Land Transport Authority
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How to regulate the ride hailing operators

69% of the participants in a poll like ride hailing operators to be regulated. 31% prefer that this matter be left to the free market.

For example, if the operator quote a high fare due to surge pricing, the commuter has the choice of rejecting the offer. He can try other operators or go to other forms of transport, e.g. taxi or bus. 

This means that regulation is unnecessary.

However, these are the areas that can be regulated:

a) The operator must ensure that the drivers are properly licensed and meet the selection criteria.

b) The surge pricing should be capped at a reasonable limit, e.g. it cannot be more than 3 times of the normal fare.

c) The penalty imposed by the operator should be subject to regulatory approval.

d) The money kept in the e-wallet should be put in an escrow account or be insured.

e) The operator must provide a method to resolve disputes.

I am in favor of regulating the ride hailing operators. 

Tan Kin Lian 

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