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14 Aug 2019
Movement for change
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Why females prefer to vote for PAP

I have an exchange of email with another person. He asked why many Singaporean women - especially Chinese - still supported PAP?

He was referring to those who are highly educated and successful in their careers and holding positions in business development, professionals and top management.

They earn a high income between $6000-10000 per month and can be seen in networking events

Combined with their husbands' income, they have a total of over 1 million and more. They don't live in normal HDB but bungalows, semi-detached and condos and own cars. 

I replied that I agree that most well educated women support the PAP. Perhaps one reason is that they do not have to perform National Service and have an advantage over the males.

They will suffer a disadvantage when it comes to raising children, but I understand that a high proportion opt to remain single. They also have the choice of marrying foreigners. 

He replied that many of these women preferred to marry westerners because they communicate well and have better persuasion skills. 

They married and moved out of Singapore and sometimes coming here occasionally to be with their families on Chinese New Year and National Day besides personal family occasions. 

When he was a kid growing up in Holland Village during the 1970-80s, he had met many of them. 

If you have ever been there and observed very carefully, you will soon realize the old shopping center is the dividing point between the rich and poor. 

On one side are bungalows, semi-detached and condos while on the other are HDB, shop houses and old hawker center. 

So even then, I already sensed elitism there. 

The difference is obvious. The rich just entered the shops, see what they like and pay straight at counter while the middle income and poor just looked at certain items for a long time before deciding to buy or not to buy. 

Most shop owners are friendlier to rich because the rich helped to generate more businesses and recommend their families and friends as well. 

But again those are his experiences and opinions. 

Tan Kin Lian 

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