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05 Aug 2019
Movement for change
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Should older people step forward to cause change in government?

Dr. Tan Cheng Bock is 79 years old. He has stepped forward to form a new political party, the Progress Singapore Party, to effect an change in government in Singapore. 

Is he too old? Should he leave this matter to younger people? Surely, the younger people have a stronger stake in the future? 

I share my views.

We have the example of Dr. Mahathir of Malaysia who led the coalition of opposition parties that finally topped the ruling Barisan Nasional. Dr. Mahathir was 92 years old at the election.

However, the conditions in Malaysia may be rather extreme and necessitated the return of Dr. Mahathir. 

What about the conditions in Singapore? Should the older people step forward?

I want to give a few reasons why they should.

a) It is risky to be involved in politics outside of the ruling party. This risk will deter many capable younger people from stepping forward. They have to worry about their career and family. They can be disadvantaged in many ways. This source of a strong credible alternative to the ruling government is blocked.

b) Some of the older people have financial means and can afford to take this risk. The more passionate among them are willing to step forward to correct what is wrong with the policies of the ruling government that do not address the concerns of the people. 

c) The older people also have the experience and wisdom. They have seen three generations of governance in Singapore. They are able to tell the right from the wrong. The younger people do not share this perspective.

I am not suggesting that an alternative government should be formed only by older people. It needs a mix of the older generation and the younger generation. They have to work together to shape the future. They should benefit from the wisdom and experience of the older generation and the energy and higher stake of the younger people.

The Progress Singapore Party has this mix of the older and younger generation. I am confident that it will do well and contribute towards a change of the future direction of Singapore. 

Tan Kin Lian

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