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05 Aug 2019
Ministry of Health
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Is alkaline water beneficial for health?

My friend introduced me to an water ionizer which produces alkaline water. He found that it encouraged him to drink more water. There was a study in Japan that showed people who drink alkaline water had longer lifespan.

I bought the ionizer and found that the water does taste different, and I ended up drinking water more regularly. However, I am not able to determine if it improved my health condition.

I have been taking some non steroid anti inflammatory drug for occasional pain in the foot. My doctor advised that I have to take the drug after food or to accompany it with another drug that "protect the stomach". It seemed that the NSAID drug produced acid that can harm the stomach lining.

If body acid is the cause of damage to the stomach lining, would alkaline water help to prevent it?

My common sense suggest that it should.

I searched Google for information on "will alkaline water help to counteract body acid"?

I found this article

It mentioned an opinion from a doctor that it should be helpful, although it does not solve the underlying problem of the cause of body acid. 

I wonder about this advice. Surely, most drugs are intended to address the immediate symptoms and do not solve the underlying cause? The NSAID remove the pain but does not stop its recurrence.

However, there is a mention about the lack of medical evidence on the benefit of alkaline water. Furthermore, alkaline water is not regulated by the Food and Drug Authority of America.

Why is the FDA not interested in researching alkaline water? Perhaps, the patent for the production of alkaline water is held in Japan. Furthermore, the American drug companies are probably more interested in selling their drugs to counteract body acid.

I wonder if there is commercial interest in guiding the work of the FDA. I suspect that this is the main reason.

Tan Kin Lian

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