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05 Aug 2019
Movement for change
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Increase in suicide rates among young people

There was a recent report on increase in suicide rates among young people.

This is wasteful. It is bad for society. 

The underlying cause is a stressful and competitive education system. Those who cannot cope with this system find a bleak future. They prefer to take their own lives. 

To overcome this problem, we need to reduce the stress and competitiveness of the education system. We need to give every young person the confidence that they can be productive and have a good future.

Some people are academically inclined. Other people have other skills and interests. We need to give a good future to all of them. 

We also need our young people to enjoy their childhood and to make friends among their school mates. They can find life to be enjoyable, while they study hard to meet the required education standard. 

The goal of education is to ensure that the students are educated and have the basic skills. They should also develop their characters to be compassionate, helpful, considerate and social. They should not be required to compete with each other to produce the top students.

If we remove the stress and competition in the education system, more young people will enjoy their childhood and develop to be useful members of society. 

There will be a segment of people with are disabled and have special needs. We have to help them to cope with their special needs, and give them the chance to be productive and to meet a lower standard that is appropriate to their situations.

This will certainly reduce the suicide rate among young people.

Tan Kin Lian

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