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Operate more pre-school centers

There is a need to increase the pre-school centers and offer places at affordable charges to encourage parents to raise more children.

The participants in a recent survey are divided on how to operate these centers. 

Nearly half of them prefer the government to offer low rentals to the private operators and require them to observe the charges fixed by the government. 

The other half prefer the government to operate these centers, just like the operate the primary schools.

I prefer the first arrangement as it allows the operators to have greater flexibility in running the centers to meet the needs of the parents, i.e. get away from bureaucracy.

However, I like the centers to be build by the government with the basic requirements. These centers should be built in each neighborhood within walking distance of the homes. The void decks of the HDB blocks can be used.

The centers will be allocated to private operators who can operate them according to the standards set by the family ministry. This standard can cover the qualification of the staff that are employed by the center. It should also provide employment opportunity for part time staff who live in the neighborhood.

The renewal of the lease to the operator can be based on the votes of the parents. This would be an excellent form of democratic organization.

This will be an important key in the strategy to encourage parents to raise up to three children in the family. It will boost the local population.

Tan Kin Lian

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