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Prepare for the future

It is very important for the government to address the problems of a possible recession to prepare for the future.

The government has to make sure that our young people, especially the graduates, have meaningful jobs. We should not allow the talent and energy of our young people to be wasted. 

Here are the steps that can be taken.

a) The government has to create meaningful and useful jobs for the young people. These jobs are to prepare for a higher birth rate of the local population. They are for medical, care and education of the future children. We will need more teachers, nurses, doctors, care givers. We also need construction workers and engineers to meet the demand for schools and child care centers. These people need to be trained a few years ahead to meet the future demand. 

b) The government has also to take care of most of the cost of raising the future population. The cost of raising the children has to be borne largely by the state and not the parents.  Most parents will be willing to raise two or three children if they are not burdened by the current high cost.

This strategy will impose a substantial financial cost to the state. The government can afford this cost, but it may require to be more prudent in managing the expenditure on infrastructure and defense. The current priorities in our national budget has to be adjusted.

If we can get 100,000 people gainfully employed towards this goal in the future, the spinoff impact on the economy will be substantial.

I hope that the idle resources that will be caused by the impending recession can be channeled towards this goal of increasing the locally born population.

Tan Kin Lian 

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