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20 Jul 2019
Movement for change
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Avoid being personal

If somebody makes a statement that you disagree with, it is all right to express your opinion.

However, you should avoid making any personal attack or attribute any motive, without further evidence.

Recently, there was a video showing an media interview given that President Trump to a rally that was held. It concerns the crowd making a statement - send her back, with regard to a congress women of color.

The media pointed out that there was inconsistency between the statement made at the interview and the actual happening at the rally.

It did not say that President Trump told a lie, which implied that he deliberately done so. It was possible that the president was mistaken.

It also did not make any personal attack on the president.

It is quite a common habit for people in Singapore to make personal attack or to make an unjustified allegation concerning a view that they disagree with. It is wrong and should be avoided.

Tan Kin Lian

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