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13 Jul 2019  (477 Views) 
Movement for change

Develop your character and be confident of your own views
I wish to share this observation about a young person, who probably reflects behavior of many young people in Singapore.

This person passes a rude comment in my Page. I clicked on his link to see his profile.

He made a post in his profile to express an opinion on another issue and ended it with this message - This is just my opinion. Don't bash me if you do not agree.

I wondered - why is he so afraid of expressing his opinion and being bashed by his friends. He was not offensive (unlike his comment in my Page).

I guess that many young people get courage when they get act in a gang with their friends. If one of them come to pass a rude remark in my page, his friends will join him in this behavior.

However, they are not confident about their own views.

I am not talking of a teenager. I am talking of a person who has completed NS and is now working.

I hope that our young people learn about values (of which is right and wrong, what is proper and improper) and have the confidence to express their views without being afraid of being bashed by their friends.

We need our young people to grow up to be people of character, who can stand on their own.

Tan Kin Lian

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