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08 Jul 2019  (478 Views) 
Movement for change

How do you expect your changes to be implemented?
Someone asked me - Mr. Tan, you have made many suggestions to change many government policies and strategies. How do you expect to get these changes implemented, if you do not become the prime minister? Frankly, you chance of being PM is quite low, isn't it?

Here is my reply.

I cannot do much on my own, except to share my ideas and the changes that should be done to address the challenges faced by the people in Singapore. 

If we want to see change, we need all like minded people to act together. And they only need to act in this way.

They should vote non PAP. They should not bother about the background of the non PAP candidate - as it does not matter.

If every one who wants to see change in our government act in this way, we will get a parliament that is NOT dominated by PAP. We may see 30 or more candidates from the non PAP side.

When that happens, the PAP will get a strong message that they have to change their policies. How should they change?

They can adopt some of the ideas that I have set out in this website. They may appoint me as an adviser. It would be a wise decision for them to take.

Maybe, they have their own ideas of the changes that are needed. It is okay - so long as they realize that they cannot continue the bad policies.

It is up to the people of Singapore. If you want change, you have to vote non PAP. Do not be dissuaded from this goal. 

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - do you agree that all voters who want to see change should vote non PAP?

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