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02 Jul 2019
Movement for change
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State our grievance clearly

We should state our grievance clearly. We should not vent our anger on the wrong issue or against the wrong people.

Let me quote this example. There is a big protest in Hong Kong against the extradition law. Most of the protestors are young people who are not affected directly by the extradition law, but are unhappy with the high cost of housing and the lack of social mobility. 

They should not vent their anger against the government on the extradition law. They should express their protest directly on the issues that affect them. 

Let me now turn to Singapore. 

Many people are unhappy with the government over many issues. However, they do not express their unhappiness clearly. Some are affected by the high cost of living, some by the insecurity of jobs and others on other issues. 

They should not join the bandwagon to criticize the government on every opportunity. Instead, they should state their grievance clearly on the issues that affect them or affect other people that they empathize with.

I encounter this situation quite often. I write on a specific issue. Some people make their comment on another issue which is totally irrelevant. I have to delete the comment as it does not help the discussion on the specific issue.

Tan Kin Lian

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