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30 Jun 2019
Movement for change
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Improve signs in Singapore

The signs in Singapore are helpful in some ways but there are too many instances where they are not helpful and poorly located. 

I observe the following problems in putting up the signs:

a) The planners do not adopt a consistent approach in placing the signs in the expected locations.

b) Some of the signs are hidden due to the focus on advertising revenue.

To have better directional signs, I suggest the following approach

a) Have a consistent approach. For example, directional signs should be hung from the ceiling and not pasted on the walls - as they can be hidden by advertisements.

b) Have a consistent approach towards putting up the signs. Do not use different formats in different places.

c) The signs should be prominently seen.

d) Accept feedback from the users and take corrective actions to improve the signs.

e) Appoint a senior person who has the authority to direct different parties, e.g. owners of adjacent buildings, to put up directional signs.

I find the signs in many cities to be quite helpful. In contrast, I find the signs in Singapore to be inadequate and sometimes confusing. 

We need to learn from the experience of other cities. 

Tan Kin Lian 

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